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Navigating Negativity

Over the past couple of days I have had some things on my mind and wanted to share my thoughts.

Unfortunately not everyone wants to see you do well or succeed at things you have set your mind on, that is fine! Does it suck? Yes! It can actually hurt especially when you find out that it's people that you have known for years and thought supported you but again that is fine. Do not let the negative beliefs that others have about you or things they may say deter you from what you want because there will always be naysayers to throw shade for no apparent reason and should simply be internalized that you are doing something right to get their attention. It is your vision on what you want and your hustle to make things happen for yourself. Keep your eyes on the prize and push yourself, trust me I have had my fair share of negatives happen to me and said about me and my vision but guess what? All that did was make me work harder, become mentally tougher, and determined. Fight for more success and allow those negative people or situations to serve as fuel! #FuelOrCrutch All 2018

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