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The Determination to Succeed Interactive Workshop

The Determination to Succeed is an interactive workshop series that is a four-part series that focuses on the end game of success with emphasis on the mental toughness, perseverance, resilience, and accountability through self-reflection which are all things needed to overcome obstacles and adversity to obtain the ultimate goal, SUCCESS!  I want everyone to push and strive for success but by their own definition of what success is and looks like to them.

The four-part series consists of these phases:

Phase 1- This interactive session will introduce participants to each other and the presenter.  Goals of the series will be discussed.

Phase 2- Fuel or Crutch, A motto, mindset, and a way of life!  This session sets the foundation for the workshop series.  The presenter will discuss how they battled adversity in their own life.  Participants are encouraged to share their own life events.

Phase 3- Looking Beyond Tomorrow, This session piggybacks off the Fuel or Crutch module.  It looks into how the choices we make today affect our long-term future.  Activities in this module teach about shifting perspectives as well as creating and pursing goals.

Phase 4- Dreams2Goals,This final module guides participants through using the Backwards Design method to set and achieve "farfetched" dreams by turning them into manageable goals

The Determination to Succeed Interactive Workshop can be contracted as a whole four-part series or individual phases can be contracted as well.  

Anyone willing to donate money to sponsor individuals to go through The Determination to Succeed workshop but in a conference style format can do so by clicking the link below.  The cost for each participant is $100 and includes a signed copy of the book and a #FuelOrCrutch wristband which will be held on weekends and will be posted on the events page.

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