Fuel or Crutch Girl's Basketball

The Fuel or Crutch basketball team was started to give more young ladies in the Dane Co. area an opportunity to play the game that they love.  AAU basketball has become extremely expensive.  


This team was created to allow these girls that typically end up not playing due to the high cost a chance to play at an affordable price.  AAU basketball typically cost in the range between $800-$1,100 not including travel nor hotel stay for overnight tournaments.  


The Fuel or Crutch motto applies to basketball just as much as it does to so many other things in life because nobody wins every game.  From the losses do you use that as motivation and fuel to play harder during the game, work harder in practice, and take time to get better by yourself for the betterment of the team?  Or the flip side do you allow the losses to make you feel bad and sad, stop playing hard, or quit all together and using that as a crutch?  End of the day it’s YOUR CHOICE on how you internalize what’s happening in your life or has happened in your life.  We are teaching our youth to use the adversity to motivate them versus serving as a hindrance.