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Meet Jamaal Eubanks

Born and raised in Madison WI, Armaad “Jamaal” Eubanks developed a passion for both basketball and making his community better. These passions led him to co-create a mentoring program, Pivotal Transition that focused on giving Black youth the tools to look beyond tomorrow. After completing his undergraduate degree at Huntingdon College and two Masters degrees from Edgewood College while working in the school district and being a full time parent to his children, he developed a creed that helped him push through the hardest of times: Fuel or Crutch. Through mentoring and interactive motivational workshops he spread the message of #FuelOrCrutch and branched out to begin consulting with school districts, colleges and community organizations to solve equity and behavior issues with at risk youth in Madison.


In 2018 he started Eubanks Solutions LLC, an umbrella for the different aspects of his company. The Determination to Succeed is his first book that has just been released.  He still loves, coaching , and watching basketball every opportunity he gets with his children in his home town Madison, WI where he still resides.



The Determination to Succeed is an interactive workshop, it is a four-part series that focuses on the end game of success with emphasis on the mental toughness, perseverance, and resilience, and accountability needed to overcome obstacles and adversity to obtain the ultimate goal, SUCCESS while self-reflecting!  Eubanks Solutions wants everyone to push and strive for success but by their own definition of what success is and looks like to them together..

GROUP & ONE-ON -ONE MENTORING (Refueling Sessions)

Whether it's building support amongst peers or in one-on-one settings, Eubanks Solutions focuses on developing skills and coming up with solutions to navigate the ups and downs of life. Through teaching self-advocacy, literacy, leadership, and helpful strategies to better yourself, Eubanks solutions seeks to prepare participants for lifelong sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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Sports Exposure

The sports exports exposure is an opportunity for just that.....exposure.  HBCU Sports Outreach for recruiting, player evaluations and write ups, or enjoy a good podcast that covers anything from sports to inspiration/motivation/knowledge.






Eubanks Solutions, LLC’s mission is to strive everyday to inspire and motivate individuals, companies, community organizations, and schools with a primary focus on at-risk youth between the ages of 11-21 to reach for the stars beyond their dreams. Through motivation, mentor-ship and real life tools to change individuals’ mindsets, Eubanks Solutions will create confident leaders in the community, one solution at a time.


Eubanks Solutions, LLC’s vision is to instill the tools for change the mindsets of all people but we’re focused on our youth.  If we change the thought process and mindsets of negativity and excuse oriented actions to positive, purposeful and goal driven actions, we will look forward to future leaders in our communities who will have the fuel and do the work, mindset to know their situations do not dictate their success and the pride to carry on the torches to light the way for future generations.      


Eubanks Solutions, LLC motto is to help you find solutions to things you have concerns with and work with you to get results, we are with you all the way!


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