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What Eubanks Solutions has to offer

A good friend of mine checked up on me yesterday and asked me how things were going? Asked me how business was going, how work was going, and how the family was doing? We talked for a while about life and then he shared with me that I should get back into blogging and sharing what all I do under Eubanks Solutions. He told me this will increase your traffic and others will share it as well, then reminded me that someone will look at it and inquire on services or tell you who is a person or company to help you get to the next level. So here it is:

Under the Eubanks Solutions umbrella, I have published a book The Determination to Succeed. I also created a workshop series curriculum from the book with the catchy hashtag #FuelOrCrutch as the first presentation in the series, followed by looking beyond tomorrow and Dreams2Goals. It is a life changer IF you are open to change and ready to grow. I have recently started working on community workshop opportunities as the primary focus had been on schools, community centers and juvenile facilities but have presented at conferences for participants for all ages. They have found information valuable and helpful.

Eubanks Solutions also offers Mentoring and Coaching, the work can be done individually or small group. We offer in person as well as virtual (email and zoom). Exposure is a key component in the mentoring and coaching practices offered and created. The mentoring and coaching are participant specific and based on needs they have and desired outcomes they want.

Eubanks Solutions last year in 2021 added a sports component called HBCU Sports Exposure Outreach to fill a gap for student athletes being seen by Historically Black College and Universities for students in the Midwest. It was created to service Wisconsin student athletes but quickly grew throughout the Midwest serving clients in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Yes, the primary focus is HBCUs, but I will outreach to other college coach contacts that I have created through my contacts and connections. The sports we have primarily worked for have been Football and Men's and Womens Basketball but have been asked to consider Volleyball and Track & Field. To inquire more about this service, reach out to Following the 2021 Football season we added Sports Exposure player write-ups that you can find at mysportsclips and also offer basketball evaluations. Please feel free to email to find out more about and to take advantage of the services at or

Eubanks Solutions also has a podcast that strives to talk about the trials and tribulations, the ups and down, highs and lows that life offers. The #FuelOrCrutch Lets talk about it podcast also shares stories of girt, perseverance, resilience, accountability, and self-reflection while tackling a wide range of topics. We do like to have fun and will talk sports, professional, collegiate, and prep sports. We try to air biweekly on Sundays for our more serious conversations and topics while reserving biweekly on Mondays for sports focused shows. Please feel free to email us again at to suggest topics or guest or even yourself as a potential guest. We are also offering sponsorship opportunities for promotion during our shows, email to inquire how your business or product can be shared during our shows.

Lastly, we have added consulting as over the years we have been outreached to with questions on special education advocacy, personal growth, business ideas, and so much more that we felt it only made sense as our expertise was being requested. If you are looking to take yourself, your business, or any endeavor to the next level please reach out.

Thank you

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