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Went Missing

A lot of times when you are going through things, you learn who your real friends are, family is, and who really supports you. I had gone through a rough patch in 2019 that caused me to go ghost on a lot of things and take my focus off of important things. Today I write to let you know that it is okay to take a step back to self reflect and reassess things in your life. The key element of that is, that it is your life! We have to be more intentional about taking control of our lives and do whats best for us and our families. Just because you take a step back does not mean you stop working and grinding for what you want. Although, it may slow you down but never let it stop you. I decided to use that time to make me hungrier for what I want and ready to move forward. Use this time with the world be slowed down due to the corona virus, to reassess and self reflect so you can come our hungrier and more motivated than you have ever been before. The time is now!

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