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Basketball's Impact on Me

I have been in love with the game of basketball for as long as I can remember. It served as therapy long before I knew it did but also long before I even knew what therapy was! I love the game of basketball so much that my friends in college would laugh at me for watching Wyoming vs Montana at 11pm at night, saying "why you watching these two teams?" or crack jokes because I was watching Army vs Navy. I could laugh then and I can now because I knew why I was watching, not because the teams had players I knew or highlights but to watch for spacing, play execution, how my position gets open, etc... sometimes watching just put me in a peaceful mental space. I was and am a student of the game with that being said, I have been working to create opportunities for student athletes to be seen by college coaches around the country. This year in Madison, I will be watching games and blogging about them but also do rankings for top players in the city. Basketball is back and I am excited!

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