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I have so much that I want to do and want to accomplish. I have never been the most confident in my own abilities which is probably why I haven't accomplished what I want to. The last thing I will ever do is give up and not chase what i want! I stay up late at night trying to figure out how i can make my plans/wants/desires come true! When i refer to the grind or grinding its the work i am doing behind the scenes to make things happen for myself and my family. I want my work ethic to be looked at by my kids as inspiration for them so when they become adults they already have it instilled in them. I would tell anybody that is reading this enjoy the journey and take lessons from the tough times that may not turn out with the results you wanted but make sure you learn from them to better yourself for the next endeavor. Learn to trust yourself and believe in yourself, that will take time but without the belief in yourself you will always have a ceiling over your head. The sky should be the limit, so don't limit yourself. Head back in to whatever room that you do your best work and start grinding and make things happen for yourself. #DeterminationToSucceed #FuelOrCrutch

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