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Quitting is not an option

To think of where I am in life sometimes brings tears to my eyes. To think back on what I’ve been through makes me proud and to think of where I’m going gets me excited! I didn’t come from a wealthy two parent home and get everything I wanted but nor did I come from a household abuse (physical and/or drugs). I’ve been told to quit and give up on dreams to be a college basketball player, college grad, teacher, and small business owner.  I was doubted that I’d be able to earn a masters degree (I now hold 2), I was doubted that I could be a successful father (which I’d give my life for my children), I was doubted that I could run a successful mentoring program (5 years later it’s still going and growing)! In the powerful words of my childhood friend Nestic Morris, I’m just a kid from the south side and quitting is not an option #FuelOrCrutch 

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