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Conquering Fear

Practice what you preach, practice what you preach, practice what you preach. I constantly remind myself that if I am telling people to use their adversity, hardships, and fears as fuel then I have to be living proof of it as well. For years I have always had desires to do all kinds of things but allowed my fear of failure and fear to step outside of my comfort zone to stop me from fulfilling those burning desires. As a kid I was always silly and loved to crack jokes. I remember cracking jokes on the bus, in sports practices, at home, and even at school (usually to protect myself from being teased for something I may have been lacking). When I was in undergrad and bored in class I would write down jokes or topics to make fun of as If I was a stand up comedian, I have always had stage freight which has put that desire to try on hold. Recently I was given the opportunity to give it a try, of course I was extremely hesitant but decided to face my fear. I want to thank Antoine McNeail for asking me to participate in his amateur competition this Saturday. I challenge all that read this to conquer a fear of theirs by the end of the month, lets see how it goes and let me know how you feel after. #FuelOrCrutch all 2018

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