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You Got This

I hope everyone is excited about going back to school! This is a chance for a fresh start for every student and to rebrand themselves. If last year didn't go as well as you would have liked, that is just fine because this is a brand new year and starting with a clean slate. If last year was a great year, awesome lets build on that and make it the best year. Understand the sky is the limit and YOU get to decide how this year will go. If math was and is a struggle for you, this year you wont blow it off and not put forth the effort. This year you will seek out a tutor or stay after school and ask the teacher if they can help you so that you are able to understand the content. Create more solutions and less excuses, its easy to find away out of something or quit all together but having the strength to push and fight to solve problems will benefit you as you go through life. Don't let adversity knock you out, if it knocks you down get up and keep going. The excitement you will feel once you have gotten through a tough time will also serve as a reminder to yourself that even though times get hard,

you have already been down this road and can tell yourself "relax, you got this". #FuelOrCrutch

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