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Start Strong, Finish Stronger

I am up late again with a lot on my mind but its also the time I seem to be the most productive. I wanted to share with any and everyone that may follow me, a phrase that I used to get me through the last year or two of my undergraduate years in college. While in college, I played basketball for my school team and a lot of the things that I learned while playing basketball I tried to make sure transferred over to other aspects of my life. One thing that always stood out to me while playing sports was that when you start a game off, you want to set the tone. I was told you want to come out guns blazing and deliver the first blow (metaphorically speaking) to rattle your opponents and give you the upper hand. That same phrase start strong and finish stronger, I decided that I would apply to my studies in regard to hitting the books hard and being on top of things at the beginning of the semester and finish even stronger. When you think about basketball and how the game is ending with everyone trying to win, you are pushing yourself to the limit to get the best out of you to secure a victory. That same message can be applied to school, work, and life in general win you think about goals that you have set for yourself and are working to successfully complete them. I encourage everyone to start strong and finish stronger in whatever it is that they have set out to do! #FuelOrCrutch all 2018

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