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Over the last week or so I have been doing a lot of thinking while taking some time to refresh mentally for the grind that is in front of me. Throughout my educational journey I have struggled with my confidence in my own abilities, well at least until about 3 years ago but I am 34 years old. One thing that I recently realized is the level of sacrifice it is, will, and has to take to achieve success or greatness. If you set your mind to something, go after it but majority of the time that means something has to give. I have heard people giving up an hour or two of sleep, others giving up socializing, or commitments to things they feel are not as important as the desire to accomplish what they want. Ask yourself, am I ready to put more time into myself? Over the last couple years I didn't realize I had been sacrificing until I took the time to self-reflect, I don't play basketball as much as I used and I don't stay up all hours of the nights hanging out. I have found myself using that time to study, read, and get work done to better myself and for my family. I chose that as fuel rather than make excuses and not get it done! #FuelOrCrutch

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